Drama club

KS2 Drama club has been running for 5 weeks. The group are working very well together.  So far this term we have been working on ‘frozen pictures’ and ‘prepared improvisation’ as well as learning new games and getting to know each other.  Here are some pictures of the group in action this week.  After half term the children have asked if we can work towards a performance.  They would like to perform a short pantomime, please look out for details coming soon.

Countries and Continents


On Monday 2nd November we were learning about countries and continents.  We were given some cards with countries on and we had to go to the correct continent.

IMG_20151102_135231 (2) IMG_20151102_135727 (2) IMG_20151102_135622 (2) IMG_20151102_135453 (2)

Here are some things we learned.

Sylvia said, “Antarctica is too cold and if the ice breaks, you might drown.  Because of this, there are no countries there.”

Matthew added that also polar bears might attack you, it is best to live in places where there are not dangerous animals!

William said that he know knows that Iran is in Asia.

Rhianon said,  “My country was Libia and I placed it in Africa”

In class, we are learning about Italy and we are starting to think about its position in the world.  What countries are in Europe.  Use google maps to explore and reply with the countries you find.

Come and see our refurbished Library!


Come along and see our fantastic library. We have lots of great books on shiny new shelves and bright zingy furniture!

Local author Dan Metcalf will be in the library from 3pm on Thursday 1st October to help us with the official opening. Big shout out to Mrs Rogers who has spent many, many hours putting all the books back in the right place, creating a bright welcoming space to read and learn!

Don’t forget the EXTREME READING competition – entries in by Wednesday 30th September please!


Where will your reading take you?