World Book Day 5th March ( not May !)

logo-2014Don’t forget to dress up on Thursday for World Book Day!

This year we are celebrating our rich literacy heritage by going back in time to the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s! Did your parents or grandparents enjoy reading when they were your age? What did they read? Dr Seuss was really popular, so was Enid Blyton. Eric Carle wrote some of his famous picture books in the 70’s and some of the early Mr Men books were published in the 70’s too.

Have you seen any of these books before?

Five_on_a_Treasure_Island_(novel)_coverart DannyChampionOfTheWorld170px-The_Tiger_who_came_to_tea

They were all written from 30 to 50 years..I wonder if your parents ever read any of these books when they were at school?

On World Book Day the reading ambassadors will be holding a bring and buy sale in the afternoon and we would love to see as many Mum’s and Dad’s in the hall reading with their children from 2 o’clock!

Look out for our Famous Five Reading Tent which will be set up in the hall for the Reading Ambassadors to read with Foundation and Year 1 children during the day.


Here are some that you could choose from:

2015_pound_books_dinosaur32015_pound_books_goth3 2015_pound_books_mates42015_pound_books_johnny3


Aemonn Reilly – Author Visit

Today we were very lucky because an author, Eamonn Reilly, visited our school. He told us all about the books that he has written and what has inspired him to write over the years. It was a wonderful morning and the children were definitely inspired to write their own stories. He gave us lots of ideas for writing and there are many other ideas on his website. . The children were very engaged and excited to hear all about Eamon’s stories – especially when he smeared a potion all over Mr Owens! What a fantastic day!
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