Come and see our refurbished Library!


Come along and see our fantastic library. We have lots of great books on shiny new shelves and bright zingy furniture!

Local author Dan Metcalf will be in the library from 3pm on Thursday 1st October to help us with the official opening. Big shout out to Mrs Rogers who has spent many, many hours putting all the books back in the right place, creating a bright welcoming space to read and learn!

Don’t forget the EXTREME READING competition – entries in by Wednesday 30th September please!


Where will your reading take you? 

Heatree day 2!

As we await the much talked about talent show I thought I’d share some pictures of our second day at Heatree!

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Highlights of our day!

Completing the climbing tower challenge, getting muddy and very wet in the low level adventure, archery, learning about the Bronze Age in the round house and another beautiful dinner (lasagne).

All the children and teachers have had a brilliant day and are about to watch a long awaited talent show!

Heatree day one!

The coach ride was exciting…we especially enjoyed spotting the Dartmoor ponies.  We arrived at Heatree just before lunch and unpacked quickly. We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the courtyard before changing for our first activity. All the children participated in their activity and had lots of fun getting a little bit muddy. We came back to the centre for an assembly where we learnt some interesting facts about the history of Heatree. After assembly we had our dinner which was really tasty! Especially the apple crumble and custard! Finally we went to the field to run around before coming back to the centre to play and write in our diaries.

image image

Day one has been awesome and we are looking forward to more adventures tomorrow!