Countries and Continents


On Monday 2nd November we were learning about countries and continents.  We were given some cards with countries on and we had to go to the correct continent.

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Here are some things we learned.

Sylvia said, “Antarctica is too cold and if the ice breaks, you might drown.  Because of this, there are no countries there.”

Matthew added that also polar bears might attack you, it is best to live in places where there are not dangerous animals!

William said that he know knows that Iran is in Asia.

Rhianon said,  “My country was Libia and I placed it in Africa”

In class, we are learning about Italy and we are starting to think about its position in the world.  What countries are in Europe.  Use google maps to explore and reply with the countries you find.

Our Roman Visitor

On Monday last week, Year 4 were visited by a Roman soldier.

We were the Britons from the Iron age, and we all enjoyed dressing up in this style. We explored artefacts from this time, such as mirrors and jewellery, so we could understand how people lived during this period of history. The Roman soldier then came, and explained we must choose between joining the Roman empire voluntarily, or being invaded and joining by force!

To help us decide, he showed us a range of Roman artefacts, including armour, food, clothes and hygiene equipment. Some of us even had a go at using a slingshot and a javelin. We then debated our decision of whether to join them or not (most people wanted to fight the soldiers and protect their way of life), before finally experiencing life in the Roman army through a battle drill.

It was a very interesting day, and Year 4 thoroughly enjoyed it!

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