Parents’ afternoon

We welcomed our grown ups into Foundation this afternoon to show our books.  It was lovely to see so many parents, carers and grandparents.  The children loved showing their work and talking about their learning.  We hope you enjoyed the dinosaur biscuits!  Please don’t worry if you were not able to make it, we would love it if you arranged another time with us to see your child’s work.




Our children have learnt a lot about the emergency services this week.  On Wednesday we were visited by Finley’s granny who used to answer 999 calls, she talked to the children about emergencies and explained what happens when we call 999.  Then on Thursday we were very lucky to have Maya’s mum with us, she is a Paramedic – she allowed us to dress up in her uniform and practise our bandaging skills.  Finally on Friday we went to Dawlish Fire Station (a big thank you to Willow’s dad for organising).  We had a brilliant time and we were even allowed to squirt the hose and sit in the fire engine!  If you look carefully at the pictures of the fire fighters you might be able to spot some new recruits!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our parents and grandparents who have given up there time to talk to us about their occupations and to our friends at Dawlish Fire Station.

The children have now decided on their own future careers, please read our writing walls in class to see if you have an aspiring plumber, hair dresser or train driver.

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