Online Safety Lesson 4 Eastdon.

Today in our Computing lesson we discussed the different APPs we use at home and in school. We then used a website to check if these APPs had any age restrictions, safety advice, children’s views and  the potential risk of using the APPs.

The website we used to check these APPs is:

Have a look and check some of the APPs you are using, you might be surprised.

Come and see our refurbished Library!


Come along and see our fantastic library. We have lots of great books on shiny new shelves and bright zingy furniture!

Local author Dan Metcalf will be in the library from 3pm on Thursday 1st October to help us with the official opening. Big shout out to Mrs Rogers who has spent many, many hours putting all the books back in the right place, creating a bright welcoming space to read and learn!

Don’t forget the EXTREME READING competition – entries in by Wednesday 30th September please!


Where will your reading take you? 

Risks and Rewards. Social Networking websites and apps – our views.

As part of our E-safety unit we have been looking at Social Networking websites and apps.

I would like you to discuss these questions with a partner and leave a summary of your discussion in the comment box below.

What do you think are the risks and rewards of Social Networking websites and apps?

How might you protect yourself when using these Social Networking websites and apps?