What’s inside a computer?

In Ashcombe class last week, we were learning about parts of a computer and how this makes a computer work. We started by talking about the parts you can see, such as the monitor, but then extended this to the internal parts, such as the hard drive and the motherboard.

Using screwdrivers and a lot of perseverance and patience, we took five laptops apart, and opened them to see what was inside. We then used working laptops and the Internet to find out what each part was and what it does. Here are some photos of the results…

DSCF1083 DSCF1084 DSCF1086 DSCF1087 DSCF1088 DSCF1089 DSCF1092

Roman Villas

Last week in Ashcombe, we learnt about Roman Villas, where the rich Romans lived. We watched some videos, and even played a simulation where you can walk around a Roman Villa! We looked at all the different rooms, and learnt what happened there. Some are similar to what we have now, but some are very different.

We then used cardboard boxes to make our own Roman Villas. Have a look at our fantastic results…

DSCF0415 DSCF0852 DSCF0856 DSCF0859 DSCF0861 DSCF0863 DSCF0865 DSCF0866 DSCF0868