Raspberry pi verdict – do you agree?

Last week, one of our newly elected Senior Digital Leaders was asked to take home a Raspberry Pi and evaluate it. Would it be a useful tool to enhance our Computing curriculum?

harry presented his findings to our Digital Leaders tonight, he suggested:

‘The Raspberry Pi is very tricky to set up. You need extra equipment including a monitor and keyboard. It only connects via a HDMI port which our older laptops do not have and there wouldn’t be enough equipment to use for a whole class session.’


Another Digital Leader, James, disagreed. He explained he had made several games using his Raspberry Pi at home and found it easy but he did have his own monitor.

So we put it to the test at our meeting…

image image

The verdict?

It seems our Digital Leaders need a little more time and another digital leader is taking it home to trial.

So we put it to you all….have you used  a Raspberry Pi before?  Do you believe it should be used as part of our computing curriculum? If so, why?

We we look forward to reading your responses!